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賓夕法尼亞大學Why School Essay范文

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本文是一篇賓夕法尼亞大學Why School Essay范文,歡迎閱讀。


WHY Penn?

I want to be a catalyst when I grow up, someone who sparks growth while also trying to sustain the environment through improved efficiency. At UPenn, I look forward to pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering and exploring interdisciplinary programs, as I believe that sustainability can be a viable solution to preserve earth’s resources.


At the GRASP laboratory, I hope to work at the Haptics Lab under Professor Katherine Kuchenbecker to devise an integrated haptic-responsive camera trap. I believe that the use of teleoperation (in camera traps) in wildlife censuses and studies can be a potential gamechanger in a geologically diverse country like India. I also feel that haptics interfaces can catalyze the process of discovering and studying unexplored biodiversity hotspots like the Western Ghats and the high-rising Himalayas. Besides this, I would also really get a chance to perfect my butterfly stroke through stroke rehabilitation at the Haptics Lab!

在GRASP實驗室,我希望在Katherine Kuchenbecker教授的觸覺實驗室工作,設計一個集成的觸覺響應相機陷阱。我相信在野生動物普查和研究中使用遠程操作(攝像機陷阱)在印度這樣一個地理位置多樣的國家可能是一個潛在的游戲規則改變者。我還覺得觸覺界面可以催化發現和研究未開發的生物多樣性熱點的過程,比如西高止山脈和高聳的喜馬拉雅山。除此之外,我還真的有機會通過觸覺實驗室的中風康復來完善我的蝶泳!

In addition, hands-on project courses like Machine Design and Manufacturing and Product Design will help me in developing, testing and prototyping product permutations, and through ISAC Program 2018, I would love to advocate for a course called Environmentally Sustainable Product Design, as I feel that a product’s longevity in a market is directly related to its environmental sustainability.


I believe that little sparks of innovation can turn into developed businesses if given the right acceleration and, having already negotiated a deal with the software company Everlution Software Ltd. for my eco-friendly innovation ‘Water Wave’, I look forward to using the opportunities at IGEL to turn my innovations into sustainable technological ventures. After accompanying my father to joint-venture meetings across Europe, I have picked upon certain technical aspects of negotiations such as the influence of ‘EBITDA’, the use of inter-cultural body language to change mindsets and the long-drawn-out process of Due Diligence. Courses like Engineering Negotiations will advance my skills in the subtle art of negotiation and develop my thinking in high-pressure situations.

我相信,只要有適當的加速,小小的創新火花就能轉化為發達的企業,而且我已經與軟件公司Everlution software Ltd.就我的環保創新“水波”達成了協議,我期待著利用IGEL的機會將我的創新轉化為可持續的技術冒險。在陪同父親參加了歐洲各地的合資企業會議之后,我選擇了談判的某些技術方面,如“息稅折舊攤銷前利潤”的影響、使用跨文化肢體語言來改變心態以及長期的盡職調查過程。像工程談判這樣的課程將提高我在談判的微妙藝術中的技能,并發展我在高壓情況下的思維。

I look forward to contributing in unconventional ways: through Penn’s policy of Climate Action 2.0, I’d love to help increase the efficiency of alternative energy machinery through responsive auto-sensors and I would also contribute to the establishing of wildlife corridors at UPenn by conducting case studies at the Morris Arboretum with the help of the Penn Green Fund. I also look forward to engaging in bird photography and ornithology by being an active member of the Penn Birding Club and potentially conducting fall bird censuses to illuminate for students the birdlife that nestles in the university. I hope to photograph and document each and every one of the 104 species (Morris Arboretum Checklist) of birds at UPenn. Furthermore, courses like Documentary Strategies and Photographic Thinking will help me better integrate critical thought into my photos and construct out-of-the-box documentaries to put into perspective environmental sustainability at UPenn. Also, contributing photo essays to the Penn Sustainability Review will allow me to depict the need for a change, beyond words.


UPenn will also help me pursue a multitude of activities at its various clubs such as Penn Cricket Club, PennNaatak, where I hope to spark my flair for Marathi Drama, and men’s club basketball (I was all state for three years!).


As I move with a redefined pace towards the goal of global sustainability, I am reminded of the UPenn ideology of addressing the most challenging questions and problems of our time by integrating and combining different disciplines and perspectives. Through my stay at UPenn, I hope to do just that.



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