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Personal Statement范文分享

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Personal Statement也就是個人陳述,是留學文書當中非常重要的一項材料,然而很多申請者不知道怎么寫以及如何寫好個人陳述,本文致遠教育小編就為大家分享一篇建筑專業碩士Personal Statement范文,大家可以參考一下。

Personal Statement范文:

Personal Statement范文:

In my childhood, what my best childhood friend and I, unlike other little girls, loved most was not playing with Barbie dolls but a bunch of chips and components at her house, which was brought by her father who is a technician at a research institute. As two little inveterate experimenters, we were obsessed with seeking various circuit diagrams and then, according to the diagrams, assembling the chips and components. Though most of our experiments failed, I’ve had a continuing thirst for figuring out why and how and imagined one day I would come up with some fabulous designs. Since then the interest for Electrical Engineering has been piqued.




As time went by, I began to read books and watch videos and make friends with those who shared the same hobby with me to delve into the mysterious world of electrical engineering. In a book on the history of science and technology, Nikola Tesla, my idol, came into my life in an amazing way. I fell in love with his genius designs at first sight due to their delicateness and creativity. That’s the first time I got to know that engineering can be as spectacular and incredible as arts. Undoubtedly, my interest was further sparked. As the saying goes “interest is the best teacher”, out of my passion for electrical engineering, I spent every second in getting close to it in my pastime as a student. In high school, I participated in the National Physics Competition and won the Second Prize at the provincial level, which strengthened my confidence in this field. The more I knew and learned, the more I’m sure I would pursue it as my life long career.




In 2009, I embarked on my higher education path as a student majoring in Optical Information Science and Technology at my Alma Mater, Hefei University of Technology, a technical school. Optical Information Science and Technology, an interdisciplinary science, required me to cover a wide realm- optics, electron, and communication fields- and rendered me a broadened perspective. All these courses offered me a firm foundation for my future academic study in EE. Indaily time I also read magazines to follow the latest designs and discoveries, like SCIENCE&VIE, SCIENTIFIC AMERICA, et cetera. The theory is something and practice is everything. I seized every opportunity to enhance my practical skills in addition to my knowledge of books.




In my sophomore year, I was fortunate to be admitted by a College Students Innovation Experiment Project after severe selection. Under the guidance of my tutor, I got involved in the research of detecting algorithm of surface defect at the Optical-mechanical-electric Research Institute of College of Instrument. This selected topic originated from “Visual Online DetectingTechniques with High Speed and Precision Applied in the Precision AssemblyProduction Line” (2009AA04Z114) of National 863 Project. Our research project took the surface detect of the backlight of mobile phone display as the object and intended to seek an image processing algorithm of surface detects and develop a high-speed concurrent processor with CPU and GPU. Though the research I undertook was just part of the Project (2009AA04Z114), it still posed great challenges for me as just a sophomore because I focused my energy on basic courses in my freshman year and knew little about programming. However, during the project, algorithm design should be conducted in MATLAB simulation and upon the completion of algorithm design a concurrent processor was needed, which required me to handle the programming of C++ and Cuba and debugging. Hence, I studied by myself the programming and debugging in every possible way I could. Even sometimes it took me consecutive eleven hours sitting in front of the computer and debugging. And what’s amazing was that I never felt tiresome but excited and joyful in what I’ve learned and done. Finally, we made it and successfully completed the Project. This experience firmed up my determination and confidence to further study in this beloved field. And what’s more, personally, the great lesson I’ve learned from it is that patience and devotion can walk me out of the disorientation period and help me reach my aspirations in my dream field.  


Also, I enjoyed attending electronics production competitions every year for I can create designs with my team during the process. What impressed me most was the design of an optical position indicator. We got the idea from the principle of solar panels. The panel of the indicator automatically adjusted its own direction and placed itself at a constant perpendicular. It all went quite smoothly but in the final checking period, the problem occurred that the indicator cannot run automatically in the sunlight. Later we figured out the laser pen was the answer, whose high energy we neglected in the application. We used the laser pen to testify whether the panel can run well or not. But the differences over the four edges of the panel caused by the sunlight were not large enough to make the panel turn. So to fix it, every member of our team worked for consecutively two or three days even without a moment of sleep to figure out a backup plan. We finished the design but did not achieve its set goals due to the disadvantage of the instrument. Nevertheless, this did not make me retreat but encouraged me to devote more time and energy to unveil the mask of EE.

建筑專業碩士Personal Statement范文

My internships were great teachers for me, which allowed me to obtain a practical and profound understanding of EE. optical Precision Machinery Research Institute, I participated in a project regarding the treatment of ophthalmic lens and designed optical systems by Zemaxand Protel. At the lab of my college, I made the high-frequency circuit. In my junior year, I got a great opportunity to be an intern for BOE Technology GroupCo., Ltd., which has become the largest hi-tech enterprise in the Flat Panel Display industry in Mainland China. This was the first time that I exploited my own knowledge into real-life production. I witnessed how science can transform our life with my own eyes. Also, it enhanced my decision—to study abroad at a preeminent technology university to gain advanced and systematic education. I believe your Master's program in EE will be the most appropriate path for me to advance my academic and professional career.


And I would love to highlight my personal skills, which I believe will contribute to my academic life at your university as well as my future professional career. At my Alma Mater, I serviced for different groups and developed my leadership and communication skills. At ArtsAssociation, I mainly undertook the management of the musical instruments and loudspeaker boxes, which not only required me to check how instruments were used but also exposed me to various people and groups. At Club of Cars Lovers, I shouldered the responsibility of the promotion of our club by delivering the leaflets and conducting promotional activities for the sake of attracting more members and advancing the club’s publicity. In my personal life, I also took painting and playing the piano as my hobbies to enrich my life. All these experiences, academically or non-academically, have made me who I am today: a passionate lady with excellent communication and leadership skills.


As a candidate with a never-ending thirst for seeking knowledge in EE, rich project experiences, and outstanding academic competence, I maintain that I am in full preparation for your Master's program in EE. Under the valuable guidance at your university, I will focus on photonics and communication around your open-minded community ina free learning and teaching environment, which aims at empowering students with tools and innovative thinking and the latest EE trends. Upon obtaining your master's degree, I would plan to apply for a Ph.D. degree to delve into the mysterious world. In the long run, I plan to be an engineer, just like my idol NikolaTesla, who can take science and technology as a means to better our lives.


以上就是Personal Statement范文全部內容,希望對不知道Personal Statement怎么寫的同學們有所幫助,當然也可以選擇我們致遠教育Personal Statement代寫服務,1v1量身定制,深度背景挖掘,雙重審議修改模式,確保為大家寫出質量有保障的Personal Statement。


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